Monday, September 6, 2010

the buzz

so as i posted just over a week ago, i noticed the beginnings of the hair falling out, it was depressing.
it was pretty slow at first, handleable, but i was scared to wash it, and blow dry it. wanting to "preserve" it as long as possible.
I had things to do, a party, a social media event - the awseome BlogathonATX - an Open House at a listing, shopping, i wasn't entirely ready, i swear i used enough hairspray to kind of shellac my hair in place. That makes me laugh now.
But over last weekend it actually got to be a pain in the ass and also somewhat alarming. Hair was everywhere - so i designated Monday August 30th as Head Shaving Day.

waiting for the clippers

My best friend Elizabeth is also my hairdresser, she is also as close as a sister, i wouldn't have anyone else do this. (see her "pretty handiwork in this post )

so, kinda like the wig post, this wasn't really as sillyfun as i naively hoped. I had a fantasy about initially shaving it for pics into the "chelsea" cut of old skool girl skinheads, a hairdo i wanted soooo bad when i was 13 and living in London, my mother would NEVER let me do it - i wanted a re-do ;)
But once she started it was insanely hard, i couldn't look in the mirrior and tears were streaming, needless to say a majority of the pics are not being published. 

having the back shaved was easy
It doesn't matter what you "know" inside, there's still no being ready for that, it's too shocking. It's like the ultimate hardcore reminder that this is REALLY happening. There is no denying it. It's unreal.

If it hadn't been for Eliz and my dude and some lipstick i don't know how i would have made it out of there. Oh and the cool head scarf....that scarf allowed me a shopping trip to target

so since then i've gotten more comfy with scarf tying, i learned some fun make up techniques from the Look Good Feel Better program (post upcoming), i've gotten more used to looking at myself, i've gone to my son's 3rd grade back to school night, I've felt self concious in stores, i've felt brave too.

It seems like it's going to be a heck of a long time till it starts to grow back, that's depressing, i'm tired of it already.
 but i am looking forward to growing back, and the hairdos to come. such a chance to experiment. 

the pile
so if you you see me now, i will be all gypsy scarfy


  1. I love how you look so strong and brave in the first picture, and how you manage to keep a twinkle in your eye in the last!

  2. There's no denying it. You look beautiful as ever.


  3. You are such an inspiration to me to let go of things that don't matter and put glitter on each stage life gives you. I simply adore you, nanette!

  4. Great post Nan. rebex said it best. Just going to say Namaste :) ~G

  5. hey nanneticles

    you are a true badass.

    i was looking up headscarf techniques on youtube & came across this cool lady. her techniques are hijab-specific, i think, but she's rocking some neat stuff. maybe some inspiration...

    sending so much love your way,

  6. We are thinking of you and supporting you!

    Rachel and Joey

  7. Not everyone can pull off the scarf look but you are ROCKING IT lady!! *hugs*

  8. When I was in college, I got into a terrible car accident and did some major damage to my head. As a result, I had to have my head shaved. Don't you know - I had never been in the yearbook, but now the paparazzi had me at every turn! I must have had 7 or 8 scarf/bandana/fuzz photos of me published that year! Can we say fashion statement? Roll with what you've got, sweet lady! XOXO

  9. You make that scarf look should try to come up to SU for homecoming...we could sing some Stevie Nicks at the Sigma! Rock on Gold Dust Woman.


  10. Thought you preferred the term Roma.


  11. You have an undeniably elegant dome
    and some spectacular new tattoo real estate.

  12. Love you, Nanette. Thinking of you lots.

  13. You look beautiful. And you know what? Scarves are in this season ;)

    I always preferred my mom in her scarf to a wig any day-- because it was her.