Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Good Mood Project - Day 5: JOY

last post but certainly not the last dance!

Really it's a free for all folks - like i said before - the possibilities are endless, it's YOUR good mood, your choices, your songs.

You can even google "songs that put you in a good mood" and get a variety of awesome suggestions

Today i chose "joy to the world" because - happy - it just makes me happy!

I threw in a little Lee Dorsey too becaust it makes me feel cute - it reminds me of when i was 20 years old and worked at the Green Mesquite BBQ and we had a buch of Lee Dorsey on the Juke Box, it was the first time I had heard it and I used all my tip quarters to play it over and over

So there you have it - I'd love to know if you try this what your songs are, and if you feel's just all about having fun

Friday, June 26, 2015

The Good Mood Project - Day 4: Check this girl

This one is purely for the ladies (altho i know it sexist - i really only imagine girls may even do this thing)

Beyonce - Check On it.  You know she's badass sexy powerful.  This song is my absolute fave of hers.  it's actually been my "get ready to go out" song for years.
I don't even really wanna tell you how you might get down to this song because well... you KNOW how to
just know you deserve to feel like this.  this song is S-E-X-Y (and the video is hot!)

Some other girl only songs i like to dance to somtimes are:

Fergie - London Bridge.  Love me some Fergie.  Drop it down real low, dont give a fuck so here we go.... this isn't the official video because i kind of don't like it

and just in case you need a bit more Grrrrl Power and less dancing like a ho:

No Doubt - Just A Girl.  You could even go so wild as to throw in some push ups just like Gwen - another super sexy diva power girl that i adore.

Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Good Mood Project - Day 3: ...too HOT

if you have not been afflicted with the infectious groove of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars...well then...I was gonna disown you but instead i'm just gonna tell you to just jump on the bandwagon, do it blindly and with faith.  you won't regret

Disclaimer:  all these good mood songs are MY good mood songs - the joy of this excercise is that you get to dance to what you want!

ok back to Bruno - this is one of my faves - have you seen him do this on Ellen?? find that video now, you will be insta-happy now. it's on YouTube

If you are the type to learn dances - this woud be a fun one to nail down how he and his crew do it and do the entire thing!!

Me - i'm kind of free form - but i have to confess during the "updown funk gonna give it to ya" part there's a little bit of flashdance action going on - you know the scene when she's practicing by her self during Maniac and she's running in place - ha yeah. it's so fun

A thing i love about this song is that altho at first it may seem egotistic, it's really self ego boosting, don't believe me...just watch

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Good Mood Project - Day 2: Tonight...

Say what you will about the Black Eyed Peas - I dare you to not get really fuckin jazzed up shaking your ass to this song.

Jump up and down - and really believe it. Tonight's gonna be a good good night...

I'm lucky that I get up really early so the kids are still asleep, and that i still haven't furnished my new home, so I have a pretty big space of polished concrete floors to really go cray - a giant dance floor all to myself.
If you can't go out tonight and let it all out on the dance floor you can do it early in the morn at your own house - same feeling, more sleep :)

confession - the first time i listened to this one - i was feeling kinda blah - and then i sorta cried (you know me - i'm a crier) - but the unbridled positivity of this song just got to me - nothing special - just have fun.

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

The Good Mood Project - smile at the rising sun

i'm fascinated with being happy.  How do you be happy. Why do some people get happy easier than others.  I love experimenting with practices that set the pace of my day, and ultimately my week/month/life.  I'm generally a happy person but when you leave it up to the ebbs and flows and whims of daily life, you can get derailed by hurdles of varying degress.  It's not possible to be 100% happy 100% of the time but it doesn't hurt to take some action to ensure the best outcome

My current fave thing to do is something i call the good mood guarantee - i swiped the idea from the fab book E Cubed (I cant' figure out how to write the little cubed 3) - by Pam Grout - it's one of her "excercises" so i truly didn't make it up but i've made it MINE

so I challeng you to try it!
Every day this week pick a song - you can pick my songs - i'm going to post one new one for 5 days - put it on your iphone, put in your earbuds, and dance  - yeah, shake your booty like there's no tomorrow.  Think of that cliche "dance like no one is looking" THAT.

There's no way you can do this without smiling, and lifting your spirits - I promise

I'm gonna start you out with what has become my DAILY mantra song - i listen to this one first before any other song i choose, i bop around making coffee, cleaning up the kitchen, whatever first morning things i do.  It truly makes me happy

Bob Marley & the Wailers - Three Little Birds