Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nippon: a thankful post

I just found this post as a draft - a bit late but the memory of this is still warm

just a shout out and an addition to the billion item long list of amazing kindnesses

my lil toyota has needed new breaks - for ages, i have been driving metal on metal an unable to deal with it mentaly really. but a push and a gift from one friend led me to take my care to Nippon motor works. I was told the guy works on Toyotas & Nissans for the love. i believe this to be true.

I was kind of embarassed my car was so bad, so i just mumbled that i had been busy. Clearly he could see i was wearing the unmistakable head scarf.
I got a call just a few hours later from him (who's name i forgot of course) happily telling me he had just driven my delightfully quiet car. I was like what??!! so fast. He said - it seemed like i had been probably going through a lot lately and he thought it would be nice for me to have my all better car as soon as possible.  Then he said he was going to leave, but i could pick up my car and drop the check in his door box - trust & kindness go so far.

I am touched, grateful and forever a customer.

Monday, January 17, 2011

3 good words


These words are the name of a really wonderful cancer charity - you can read my blog post about it HERE to learn more about it.  The other day in the course of my job & mutual friends i had the oportunity to meet the co founder James Chippendale - we chatted a little about treatments and recovery and it just really got me thinking of how intensly cancer affects people, and how amazing some people are with what they do. James is just so full of energy and passion and does such good stuff. I felt honored to meet him. He'd heard about me through my ex husband who did the Machu Pichu climb with the charity.
I just think those three words really capture the epitome of what you must find when you are fighting a great struggle. As well as what you must GIVE to those in the struggle. Love - Hope - Strength