Saturday, January 29, 2011

Nippon: a thankful post

I just found this post as a draft - a bit late but the memory of this is still warm

just a shout out and an addition to the billion item long list of amazing kindnesses

my lil toyota has needed new breaks - for ages, i have been driving metal on metal an unable to deal with it mentaly really. but a push and a gift from one friend led me to take my care to Nippon motor works. I was told the guy works on Toyotas & Nissans for the love. i believe this to be true.

I was kind of embarassed my car was so bad, so i just mumbled that i had been busy. Clearly he could see i was wearing the unmistakable head scarf.
I got a call just a few hours later from him (who's name i forgot of course) happily telling me he had just driven my delightfully quiet car. I was like what??!! so fast. He said - it seemed like i had been probably going through a lot lately and he thought it would be nice for me to have my all better car as soon as possible.  Then he said he was going to leave, but i could pick up my car and drop the check in his door box - trust & kindness go so far.

I am touched, grateful and forever a customer.

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  1. GREAT to know, Nanette. We drive a ~new Scion, which is a Toyota product. We get good vibes from the dealership and have a great mechanic (mostly for Emil's older Mitsubishi), but an extra place to know is always good! Thanks for the hat tip to Nippon! I hope you gave them some @SocialSmack, too.