Tuesday, August 30, 2011

markers of time

tonight i went to back to school night at my daughter's middle school. She's in 8th grade so it's the last year. I went with excitment, i know weird, and i had actualy fun. superweird.
but there's a significance behind that attitude. 3 years ago for 6th grade, i didn't attend, i thought of it as an inconvenient pain in the ass. Find child care to attend, mingle with parents i didn't know, blah blah blah blah.
For 7th grade last year, i was undergoing chemo, a good excuse to miss this time! but yeah, i remember feeling exhausted, and probably was losing hair, to much to deal with.
So this year i was so  happy to go! happy to be different, happy to be in a different place, happy to be happy!
then later tonight, on facebook, you know how they have those new side bars that have your status update from a year ago? well mine this day a year ago was about how shaving my head was so hard
brought back a flood FLOOD of memories and emotions. and just brought home the difference a year makes


  1. WOW! I'm beyond happy for your new year taking place in your life right now! So so glad that you are happy! You are truly inspiring!!! I'm moving to FW, and I'm down in the dumps to move to another city, but now I will have your special reminder to check my attitude because my change in life could have been something much worse like cancer!

    Didn't mean to turn this around and be about me, but I wanted to say I appreciate your words of wisdom!


  2. I have been so inspired by your strength through your journey Nannette and sharing your experiences with others. It is wonderful that you are feeling good! I can't believe your daughter is in 8th grade. I remember when you brought your kids to Jovita's to see Ethan, Jeff and I play many years ago and they were playing with all of Jeff's musical gadgets on the stage! Super cute!! xxoo Melissa