Saturday, November 2, 2013

Tell me a story about how you adore me...

my fave Stone's lyric...

people always say it's hard to take compliments
you feel self conscious when you hear someone tell you how fab you are, especially face to face
but we all wanna be adored right? maybe we all need to hear how adored we are.

I used to want to "pshaw" people who would tell me how brave Iwas during cancer - "I'm not brave, I don't have a choice..." the answer in my head. but people still said it in various ways

also I think sometimes people think that saying stuff on social media is not genuine, or won't mean anything, or they don't know them well enough...
but remember the "love bomb" I got on twitter? when I woke up to literally hundred's of tweets from total strangers telling me great stuff. Every day waking up at that time was a struggle, wondering how I would feel, dreading pain or feeling sick, but that love bomb day, I'll never forget made me feel invincible, loved, special, carried by a giant invisible hand. To this day, I love to hear these kind of things anywhere

 I think it's an inherent desire to hear that you are adored. why we have come to feel uncomfortable around it Idon't know. and conversely, why we feel it will "go to someones head" if we compliment them, why is that a bad thing...

I realize now that it's wonderful to hear these things, it does help, it get's ingrained, it's like affirmation power coming from the outside before you can believe it. I'm a believer in affirmations.
now I crave it, and I give it, because  I know what it can do
Even if you think you don't know a person well enough on Facebook to comment, do it, believe me, it makes a diff.

even itty bitty compliments like "I like your dress" can make a day

or a note to a friend telling them why you treasure them, why you adore them, and how amazing they are

I'm just sayin....I can take a compliment
 and don't forget to tell someone how you feel, comment on a post you almost skimmed over, tell a barrista that that was the best latte in the world

Oh this peeps, it's great

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