Thursday, April 23, 2015

Still learning to Survive

Just when I think I've got this survivor thing down... Survival Lessons by Alice Hoffman. A small but mighty book falls into my lap

The roller coaster that is cancer  at 5 years since diagnoses  may have less severe dips, and maybe not quite as many  upside down loop-de-loops that the newly diagnosed roller coaster of treatment has.

But every now and then it takes a surprise turn, the kind where the coaster is happily going along with birds tweeting and butterflies fluttering all around you, then suddenly..... I guess basically I'm saying it's just still not easy. And it still surprises me that it's not.

I read an article about how a cancer diagnosis causes PTSD, i felt almost ashamed to admit that this felt true. It seems that how can this compare to the horrors that one thinks of when you hear of a person with PTSD.  But I've come to accept this is true.  In varying levels of severity. 

It's hard to read a book with constant tears. Tears of emotion, and hope, and sadness, and compassion, and gratitude.  That sums up the survival roller coaster

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