Saturday, January 2, 2016

what i'm NOT resolving to do this year...

in 2016 I resolve:

not to lose weight
not to diet or "eat better"
not to exercise more
not to try and change my body
not to give up....sugar, wheat, coffee, whatever

I do intend however to work on more self love, more body acceptance, more adjusting my judgments about body and weight, specifically mine.
To enjoy my body, my food, my life, my age, my experience.
To not limit myself because I think i'm fat or not worthy or too old or whatever
To wear my glitter, get more tattoos, wear clothes with unicorns and woodland creatures on them
To step forward in my shining light with honesty and truthfulness - in the total Nanette-ness of me, unabashed, unashamed unapologetic

and Yoga - yoga is where i find glitter in my insides to sparkle from within

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