Saturday, December 25, 2010

...she never stumbles

i feel like on this day i should post about how grateful i am for how far i've come and all the blessings i have, and i really do feel that, truly i do.  but i feel stuck in a bit of a self pity rut of how hard everything is. I don't enjoy it, it's not my style really. but here i sit, thinking how lucky everyone else is and feeling lacking in things, coping skills, easy buttons, glitter...

welp, i will do something that always reminds me of who i am, and how i reallyfeel, listen to Dylan. It's like he gets me to just be in the exact moment of the moment  - that's all we have. It's like getting to the roots of me. it is, a Dylan album was the first album i ever heard in my life.

so i give you all this song to hear - i just listened to it about 8 times in a row and remembered who i am & i feel a little more adjusted :)  "she's got everything she needs she's an artist she don't look back..."

PS i promise in a day or two i will give a physical update xxxxxooo - n


  1. Here is some glittery love for you!

  2. Love you dearly, Lady. I'm pretty sure it means something that I instantly think of you whenever I hear any Dylan song, anywhere, ever nowadays. But particularly the really great bootlegged stuff that is extra special. Like you. Xoxo.