Monday, May 30, 2011

Milk + Honey Mommy Makeover

The Lovely Austin spa Milk + Honey had a mother's day makeover contest for mother's day. My own sweet mother KNOWS how much i love spa stuff and especially Milk + Honey - so she entered me, told my story of the past year and why i deserved to win - and i did!! They had 2 winners, one for the downtown location (this is the one i usually go to for massages with Paul), and one for the Hill Country Galleria - which i won.
I'm kind of glad i won that location - i imagined it would feel more like a getaway escape day!

It really was.

here was my day:

Facial with Shayna - dreamy, relaxing, i loved it

Manicure with Adrienne - she encouraged me to pick a hot hot electric pink. super fun and it lasted ages.

Then Hair Color AND cut AND makeup application with teh fab Jessica M - she was so awesome how she explained ways to style my hair now that it's so short AND wavy, different then before chemo. She also explained how some of the hair styles i had pictures of were different in terms of growth & length and how i can goal towards them.  I'm sort of protective of my hair length, i like it short, but i want it a bit longer, so even tho i needed a trim i didn't want to cut it too much.
I also got a goody bag with some shampoo, condish, and makeup

I loved it all, and i loved just being away from my usual daily schtuff and being pampered.

"before" puffy unruly hair & chipped nails!

"After" - my daughter called my nails "jersey shore" humph
Thank you Milk + Honey people (chance & summer & all of you) for picking me!! I will forever go there.


  1. Thanks so much for telling us about your special and well deserved spa day at Milk and Honey. I am going to pamper myself there soon!

  2. how fun! So glad you won

    - Rachel
    cha ching queen

  3. Squeeee!! I cannot think of anyone more deserving of a spa makeover day..... especially one that ended with awesome pink nails :)

  4. Pretty! I love the nail polish color you chose! :)

  5. It was just fabulous seeing you yesterday, Princess Unicorn. Looking gorgeous and dancing the night away. An extended happy birthday to you and best wishes for an amazing year ahead. Much, much love, Callie

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