Sunday, May 8, 2011

Unicorn Tears

My son is so sweet it's crazy  - for mother's day he drew me this picture - it's of a unicorn - i love unicorns, and the unicorn has a tear dripping on me because unicorn tears have magical healing powers. It's almost too much to take.  But then he gave me a book of poetry he wrote and that really sent me over the edge i'm going to copy the most amazing one here.

Inside My Mom
Inside my mom is the power of a butterfly.
She can fly and spread love.
Her big wings protect me.
She sucks up paparazzi with her beauty

Inside my mom are unicorns healing her when she is hurt
Inside my mom is time for fun.
Inside my mom are pans full of Indian food
Inside and outside my mom is beauty
My mom is good, great, and best,
She is fun, playful, and crazy.
Inside my mom is my mom.


  1. Awooooooooo!!! sniff sniff! That is one amazing and wonderful little boy you have :-)

  2. YOW! That is so great! I'm very impressed with that wonderful imagery. Happy Mother's Day Nan!

  3. A master poet at a tender young age...such!

  4. Nanette,

    Truly amazing your little man is. Which is just more proof his poem is 100% true. :)

  5. ..and inside Nanette's son is Nanette.

    So sweet!

  6. Stunning imagery, and an accurate portrayal of who you really are. "Inside my mom is the power of a butterfly." Simply stunning.

  7. This is so beautiful Nannette, what a beautiful painting and equally beautiful poem. You have a talented and sweet sweet, thoughtful son!!