Sunday, March 27, 2011

Cancer in the City

I just flipped through the tv channels & caught the scene in Sex & the City where Samantha flings off her wig while speaking at a gala, and all these women stood up & took their wigs off.
It made me cry
I forgot Samantha had breast cancer, i should try and find & watch all the episodes, and see how it was portrayed. I wonder about tv glamorizing.

Today i gave my camisoles, the ones with pockets to hold the post surgery drains, to a friend, i knew it would happen, that a friend would need them one day.
It's sad but i like the passing on of love & support.

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  1. The part of SATC when Samantha had breast cancer was one the best parts of the show. Samantha was mostly played for laughs- she was bold, scandalous and over the top. But watching her journey through treatment was so human- she was scared, angry, and completely vulnerable. She did manage to find some humor in it and she never lost herself to the illness. Samantha is pretty much my favorite character, and that season was the reason why.

    I'm so sorry about your friend. However, she is lucky to have you for support and for clothes. I hope she has some glitter!!! Love you lady :)