Tuesday, March 15, 2011

secret society of short hair

so i've noticed as i go about my day that when i encounter other girls with super short hair, a knowing acknowledgment passes subtly in our eyes - not cancer related as that is an unknown - but a yeah, we kick ass enough to dare to wear this hair.

My brother & I sxsw-ing it


  1. How busy and beautiful you are - as ever.

  2. You look fab as always but man your brother looks just like your sweet papa!

  3. In addition to the short hair after chemo, I've always taken great pride not hiding my port scar and feel a special secret bond when I notice one on someone else. We're some pretty tough hot tamales! ~ Sperry

  4. Hey Nan, you're looking pretty perky with the spiky 'do. Might remember me....from iVillage and the expecting board? Sorry to hear you've had to join the pink ribbon club too. Email (staciaschrek@gmail.com) if you ever want to chit chat. And there is a J98 page on Facebook now too. Lots of familiar names there.