Monday, March 21, 2011

sxsw in my new era

hmmmmm things do change
At some point early on i thought - yeah, by South by i'm gonna be all better and rareing to go

Then when i was in chemo - it was all about - how long will my hair be by then. Could not imagine having super short hair during a time when i always make an extra effort to look cool & rockin.

Then as i neared my reconstruction surgury, and still felt tired a lot - i became overwhelmed by the thought of my SXSW Crew Chief  volunteer job. It's a pretty easy  in comparison job, and i've had it for many many years, but it involves planning and time. So i decided to step down and pass it on to one of my best volunteers over the years. 

So as the week arrived I figured i would just go with the flow an do exactly whatever the heck i wanted. Turns out i didn't want much. I went downtown on the days i didn't have kids, walked a lot, saw the bangles, met susannah hoffs (eeeeeeek), didn't give a shit about what i was missing. Saw two movies. One interactive panel on Veganism on the web.
Got tired too early. went home early. danced to black joe lewis. saw my best friend more than on a regular week. didn't drink coffee or alcohol. 

I did miss a lot of bands i wish i could have seen, and i did feel awkward in my skin sometimes, not totally used to being who i am. - but i guess the difference is that i didn't dwell on the missing of events, or my old self. 

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