Thursday, August 26, 2010

Chemo Round 1

I am soooo due for an actual update!
Had my first chemo session August 10th - at Texas Oncology. i wasn't nervous, just more apprehensive and strangely looking forward to it, to get it going, and to have an excuse to sit for 4 hours and veg.
I was however nervous about them accessing my port for the first time - turns out it was hard for the first nurse to get a line, and it hurt a little, then another nurse came in and got it  right away, this was for blood draw initialy, then for the chemo IVs.

Then a chat with my lovely dear sweet oncologist, i adore him. then off to the infusion room. As i didn't go to the "chemo class" it was all kinda new to me, it was a bit more clinical than i thought, and seeing all the other patients sitting with IVs was a little sad.
My nurse explained how the scene was gonna go down, first this drip, then that drug, then this blah blah blah.

i really don't know why i look surprised - these chairs are superlazyboys, nice

My friend Kati took me and stayed with me the whole time, AND Jennifer came to visit for a while as she had a follow up appointment anyway.

me and kati

I took an ativan before going so i was really relaxed, i read mags, tweeted/texted/emailed on my bb, dozed, and chatted, it was really kinda nice.  I guess i'm lucky that the drugs i get do not effect me as they go in, so all in all it was a pleasant experience - weird huh...

I blame the ativan and vicodin for this pic
so.... side effects: I didn't start feeling bad till the third day - and i can only describe it as like a bad hangover maybe, just generaly feeling like crap, heavy, zero appetite, tired, draggy. then for a couple of days i felt ok in the day to work showing houses a bit, but the evening, i would get bad stomach pain and bone aches, so much so that i had to get in bed and take something for the pain. Pair this with the fact that i had my kids back, AND their free camp for kids who's parents have cancer was cancelled. But they were good, sweet, and let me rest. There were moments where i felt so down that i was scared and angry and sad that i had to feel this way because of a stupid disease and an evil drug that i need. And i felt dread at the thought of the other sessions. I know they are supposed to get worse each time. and i won't have hair next time

THEN after a week, i felt great, super good energy, NORMAL :)  so much that i took my poor kids on a mini trip (blog post later)
Ok - so that's round 1, i hope round 2 on August 31st is the same, i can handle that.....


  1. You are so flippin' amazing, woman! It is humbling to read your blog, follow this path with you. Just remember that when you feel scared, angry and sad that there are those of us out there who believe you are strong, vibrant and full of passion. We know you will champion this disease, and we're cheering you on along the way.

  2. Nannette, Thinking of you from far away. Keep your chin up. Keep the posts coming. We are reading. xxx Jen L

  3. Nanette,
    I wish you love and tons of strength as you get through this time! Your blog is beautiful and funny and inspiring! Just like you! Keeping you in my thoughts! Eileen

  4. Sooo I guess my head is in the sand because I am just finding out about your breast cancer. I am so sorry you have to go through all of this. Your blog is awesome and inspiring. Just wanted you to know I was thinking about you. Let me know if we can do anything from ATL

  5. Nanette, I'm glad you are finding some humor in this. The chemo chair looks almost as comfy as the chairs at our new pricey movie theater. Well, it definitely looks comfier than a hard radiation table. I can see the light at the end of your tunnel. You will feel free and normal. We will be very long term survivors together.

  6. Nanette, I just saw your amazing Race for the Cure email and learned of your crazy battle!!! I was reading the email and thought that pretty girl looks just like Nanette! Then, as I read on, I was soooo surprised to see your name at the bottom. I am super sorry for what you are going through! I can't imagine! If there is anything I can do to help you, let me know!

    While I was reading your past blogs, I saw that you are connected with Wonders and Worries for your beautiful kids! That is such a great organization! My sister's two boys go there regularly for the past several years due to her 6 or so incurable diseases she has. W&Ws has made such a difference in the boys life! You may run into Julie at Texas Oncology getting her treatments every couple of weeks, so if you see a tall red-head that looks a little like me, that would be my sister!

    I will continue to think of you all the time and hope and pray that you heal everyday more than the day before! I really appreciate your blogs and letting us in on your amazing world of ups and downs! You are such a strong woman, and I only hope the best for you and your sweet children!!!

    Jana Buis

  7. Nanette - your blog really helps me! Thanks for taking the time and finding the courage to talk honestly about all you are going thru.