Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Scarf Party

Inspired by  the hotness of my friend who wore sassy scarves when she lost her hair, my friends and i decided to have a scarf party!
the idea being to bring a scarf for me to use, and then have fun trying them on, learning to tie them ect... you tube has some fun videos showing how..
well we didn't end up trying them on and playing, BUT i did amass more scarves than i can probably wear during my no hair time and we did have a blast, with bloody mary's, vegan cupcakes and other vegan goodies and of course the best thing, my girlfriends all around!

Here are some pics from the shindig:
my son sportin a hot look


  1. You look amazing Nanette! And Gabe too.

  2. My mom is now going through Chemotherapy for breast cancer. I am planning on holding her a scarf party, or as she would rather call it, a 'baldy' party. We already had a 'boob' party when she had a double mastectomy. My hats off to you for your courage.