Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Good Mood Project - Day 2: Tonight...

Say what you will about the Black Eyed Peas - I dare you to not get really fuckin jazzed up shaking your ass to this song.

Jump up and down - and really believe it. Tonight's gonna be a good good night...

I'm lucky that I get up really early so the kids are still asleep, and that i still haven't furnished my new home, so I have a pretty big space of polished concrete floors to really go cray - a giant dance floor all to myself.
If you can't go out tonight and let it all out on the dance floor you can do it early in the morn at your own house - same feeling, more sleep :)

confession - the first time i listened to this one - i was feeling kinda blah - and then i sorta cried (you know me - i'm a crier) - but the unbridled positivity of this song just got to me - nothing special - just have fun.


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