Thursday, June 25, 2015

The Good Mood Project - Day 3: ...too HOT

if you have not been afflicted with the infectious groove of Uptown Funk by Bruno Mars...well then...I was gonna disown you but instead i'm just gonna tell you to just jump on the bandwagon, do it blindly and with faith.  you won't regret

Disclaimer:  all these good mood songs are MY good mood songs - the joy of this excercise is that you get to dance to what you want!

ok back to Bruno - this is one of my faves - have you seen him do this on Ellen?? find that video now, you will be insta-happy now. it's on YouTube

If you are the type to learn dances - this woud be a fun one to nail down how he and his crew do it and do the entire thing!!

Me - i'm kind of free form - but i have to confess during the "updown funk gonna give it to ya" part there's a little bit of flashdance action going on - you know the scene when she's practicing by her self during Maniac and she's running in place - ha yeah. it's so fun

A thing i love about this song is that altho at first it may seem egotistic, it's really self ego boosting, don't believe me...just watch

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