Saturday, June 27, 2015

The Good Mood Project - Day 5: JOY

last post but certainly not the last dance!

Really it's a free for all folks - like i said before - the possibilities are endless, it's YOUR good mood, your choices, your songs.

You can even google "songs that put you in a good mood" and get a variety of awesome suggestions

Today i chose "joy to the world" because - happy - it just makes me happy!

I threw in a little Lee Dorsey too becaust it makes me feel cute - it reminds me of when i was 20 years old and worked at the Green Mesquite BBQ and we had a buch of Lee Dorsey on the Juke Box, it was the first time I had heard it and I used all my tip quarters to play it over and over

So there you have it - I'd love to know if you try this what your songs are, and if you feel's just all about having fun

1 comment:

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