Friday, June 26, 2015

The Good Mood Project - Day 4: Check this girl

This one is purely for the ladies (altho i know it sexist - i really only imagine girls may even do this thing)

Beyonce - Check On it.  You know she's badass sexy powerful.  This song is my absolute fave of hers.  it's actually been my "get ready to go out" song for years.
I don't even really wanna tell you how you might get down to this song because well... you KNOW how to
just know you deserve to feel like this.  this song is S-E-X-Y (and the video is hot!)

Some other girl only songs i like to dance to somtimes are:

Fergie - London Bridge.  Love me some Fergie.  Drop it down real low, dont give a fuck so here we go.... this isn't the official video because i kind of don't like it

and just in case you need a bit more Grrrrl Power and less dancing like a ho:

No Doubt - Just A Girl.  You could even go so wild as to throw in some push ups just like Gwen - another super sexy diva power girl that i adore.

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