Thursday, July 1, 2010

I am not a hairdresser but i play one...for Locks of Love

I am so not a hairdresser, even though two of my best friends are, and i worked in a salon forevs. so i was really pretty excited but really more HONORED when my friend Jennie Chen asked ME to cut her hair for locks of love. 
Well, not exactly.  Jennie had been growing her hair & taking super good care of it for 20 months, and was ready to donate it to LOL, she had an event lined up for it at Waterstone  and a wonderful hairdresser named Joel on board to cut  her hair. But she wanted someone special to do the honorary initial cut, and she asked me. :)
Here is Jennie's blogpost with more details and info about her commitment to raising money for cancer & locks of love:

here are some pictures!

10 inches!

Adorably cute Jennie with her new dew

Cupcakes from Sugar Mamas! the mint choc chip ones are vegan mmm

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  1. Yummmmm, Oh and she looks beautiful!!!. You can't see the back from tehse pix but as an eye witness, it looked really great!