Friday, June 4, 2010

awaiting awaiting

quicky just to bring people up to date...warning: full of facts & terms

Results of surgery & pathology:
No lympnodes involved = very very good
they were able to get clear margins - BUT it was bigger than they expected and there were a couple of lesions, these two factors are why i am having some more tests and why they have not completly decided on what the next course of action is. (they being mostly my oncologist)
not agressive
Estrogen + which is good, hormone treatments are very effective
Progesterone +
HER2 negative (i think, for some reason i'm spacing on this pretty imp info but will call monday)
Stage 2 A

What we are waiting for :
Sending "it" off to test it's Oncotype - this is a rather new test, where they can tell if a type of cancer is even responsive to chemo. if it isn't then no point going through that ordeal

BRAC test, for the genetic mutation, takes a couple of weeks

MRI - i had this yesterday, i had open MRI cos i'm so damn claustrophobic and still i took an ativan. It was easy but i was totaly exhausted all day and lets just say i shoulda had someone else drive me home

CT scan & bone density scan scheduled for the 15th - bleachhhh, i have to drink "Mochachino" flavoured barium. gag gag gag gag gag

i'm ok with this waiting - it's like having a vacay, or a chance to get stuff done, have some fun, ect...i've envisioned all the possible scenarios, played with what they look like, sometimes i decide that one is better than the other, but all in all i'm just gonna be ok with whatever it takes to be ok.

today i'm kinda sick, completely unrelated i believe, just actual sick which is totaly not fair, except that people feel even more sorry for me and therefore my kids have been swimming & playing with neighbors all day. Being a mom & sick sucks, being a single mom and sick sucks beyond belief, that's all i have to say about that. you know what i mean.


  1. The HER2 negative is a good thing; it means, more than likely, you won't need extensive chemo. If they do chemo, it will probably be short, like 4 treatments short. Still stinks but better than 8! Looks like everything else was great news! Lots of hugs! Let's do coffee next week if you're up to it! (Or if you need someone to go with you to see our favorite oncologist)

  2. well that is good! 4 sounds so handleable. I would love to get coffee next week. :)

  3. Stage 2a is good too! They waffle on chemo at that point. Light txment at most, generally. We need to talk nutrition and turmeric! Lemme know when. MWAH!!!!

  4. Breathing for ya! Would be happy to do ANYTHING -- like drive you to/from appts, deliver food, sit and chat, ANYthing you need. Loads of love coming your way!

  5. Nancy LittlejohnJune 4, 2010 at 9:38 PM

    It's all good news! I know what you mean about all of the MRIS, CT scans, etc. That junk they make you drink is nasty, but that new flavor they're offering you might've been more fun than what I had! Blecch! I also know what you mean about being sick sick. Sucks! HUGS and HUGS!!!! Please, please let me drive you anywhere or bring you anything. I should call you, so you'll know I'm a "real" girl. (You know, like Pinochhio.)

  6. Please know that I am willing to help you however I can. Watch kids, run errands, clean house, etc. Call, email, text, bat signal...xo!

  7. That all sounds positive and totally doable, Nanette. Re: being sick. One bit of advice I got was, "Use the excuse." We don't often get to do it. Pushing yourself ain't going to make things better.

  8. Im good for appointment dates chauferring. Ill even wear the hat. Which just coincidentally looks bad ass on me.

  9. Being a new mama I am convinced that after housing baby in guts for almost a year and then squeezing fat baby head out of vagina not once but twice you can pretty much survive anything....sell me a house, that'll make you feel better. Xoxo

  10. I hope you're feeling better today!