Tuesday, June 15, 2010

barium breakfast of champs

so this morning i drank a lovely mochachino dose of barium in prep for my CT Scan, then went to the ARA where they injected me with lovely radioactive stuff, in prep for my later bone scan.
Then i went into the CT scan where i got more stuff injected into me for contrast or something. CT scan easy, breakfast break then back for pretty easy bone scan.
Got to spend fun time with my buddy pj who makes totally inapropriate jokes, it kept me entertained and light throughout the stress

THen later today got some kick ass news. MY BRAC genetic test came back negative!! this is huge, especially for my daughter & her daughters, i'm so happy. Also the CT scan results were all clear! no cancer in the rest of my body.
Bone scan resuts tomorrow
Oncotype results the 24th
Next Oncology appointment to map out game plane with all results in - the 29th
So after that i will know what the rest of my summer will look like :)

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  1. Sounds like you had a partly cloudy day with rays of sunshine! :) We are praying for you and you and your family are in our thoughts daily.