Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Glitter trail

so this is the quintissential first blog post - tadahh! I'm calling this blog "glitter every day" after the title of my original breast cancer announcement blog post I wrote in my real estate blog RockNRealty.

I decided i did not want to make that blog my cancer blog.

Actually i don't want this to be my cancer blog, but alas for now, that is what it is.

I need a place to update friends & family, to chronicle my progress and procedures, to celebrate my victories, vent my sadness and frustrations, to immortilize the multitude of blessings i have recieved and will recieve, to express my love and thanks to my heroes & anchors that are riding this with me. It may serve in practical ways to point out date markers of appointments and stages, and it will serve in emotional ways as a release. I can't always talk, i can't always reply to everything, i sometimes feel awkward revealing the weaker moments. It's not all pretty, but sometimes it is. It'll all be here.

I'm very open about this - i welcome sharing this with whomever, i welcome phone calls and emails, i welcome offers of help, introductions to your friends who may have gone through similar sitch, and i welcome anyone who feels it, to share my stories with others.

When i wrote that first post Glitter Every Day, i really did mean it literally, i love glittery things. And somewhere in me i also felt the symbolism, but one cannot proclaim and create a symbolic image on purpose (well an ad agency can), but when i read all the comments on that blog and on facebook and in emails, i realized the full potential of of Glitter Every Day, that is how i am and how i intend to take on all this crap.

That itself is one of the first of many blessings i have discovered - one doesn't always get an opportunity to see how others view you and have viewed you for many years and it's unbelievably affirming. I'll take it!

I also will most likely not capitilize the letter i in this blog, professional schmofessional.
I may now and then post cancer stuff on RocknRealty, but mostly about events, races, fund raisers, important information, but they will lead to this space for the more personal updates.
I'm so happy that my job as a Realtor is so flexible so as to continue working at my usual level and have time and space to go to appointments, be it medical or spa pampering related (i intend to do a lot of that yippee!)
so first post over & out - read, comment, share, and be happy, that's the key to it all.


  1. Good for you Nanette! I admire your courage and willingness to share your experience. I'm glad we met & look forward to Glitter & Pizza night, whenever it might be. :-)

  2. Hi Nanette,

    I was diagnosed with breast cancer late last summer, and I also blogged about it. It was an amazingly helpful way to process everything and to keep everyone updated.

    I am healthy and happy now, but I am convinced that the support of my awesome friends and family, and my positive attitude, is what helped me kick cancer's ass.

    If you ever want to chat with someone who has been there, feel free to send me a note. We have to stick together!

    Here's a link to a drawing my husband did to cheer me up during my mastectomy. You are a Cancer Warrior!

  3. sonia thanks so much for reaching out, that drawing is so awesome.

  4. Nanette I am so sorry to hear about your recent diagnosis. Greg forwarded me the link to this site this morning as I am in the hospital now with my wife. I have to be honest, I did tear up on reading this blog. You are a beautiful person with strong nature among many caring hearts who will be by your side on this journey up the yellow brick road to fight the unknown! Our prays go out to you and if my family can help you in anyway please, seriously please do not hesitate to reach out.