Saturday, June 26, 2010

lesson of the day

I've told the story of the finding out i had breast cancer a lot of times - but only one person, and it was recently, said i should blog post it. duh, i totally should, cos there is a moral to the story....

so.....several months ago, i started to notice pain in, around my breast, it was really bothery, but it went away, it came back the next month and i realized it coincided with my cycle, starting right around ovulation. Breast cancer entered my thoughts, but, my ex husbands wife was just beginning her fight, my dad was in ICU at the heart hospital, law of average, universe fairness, brain rationalization meant that of course that was rediculous.
I did feel something, but not like what i thought a lump was, more of a hardness deep inside.

Third month i did google it - i googled "breast pain" - found exactly my symptoms, hormones...fibroid cysts...goes with cyle...some women worse than others...some get cysts removed even...

I googled "breast cancer" & "breast cancer pain" - nothing.

phew, google to the rescue. self diagnosis complete. life goes on.

then finally in May i decided to get my general act together and make a check up appointment. I hadn't had health insurance in five years and so hadn't been to the dr in 5 years, shabby i know.
so with insurance now in place 5 months....i went, got the usual and of course she said, you are 42 you need a mammogram...had it the next day...low and behold they were concerned by the pictures, biopsy that same day and tadaaaa..

SO - the moral of the story is DO NOT IGNORE BOOB STUFF!

no matter how small, how weird, how probably unlikely it is, no matter your age, family history, general health, just go. I feel so lucky that the cancer i have is non aggressive, it makes me sick to think that had it been, with the delays in getting it checked, i may have been in much worse shape. much worse


  1. My God, Nannette, that is a truly important thing for women to hear. I had breast pain a few years back, and ignored it for a while until my mom and Colin insisted I get it checked out. It was mortifying to ask my GP to give me a breast exam, and he ordered a mammogram just to be safe. Turned out to be a pulled muscle, but it gave me peace of mind.

    You are absolutely right about not ignoring your body's signals.

  2. I recently had my first mammogram too. I SO did not want to do it. Even though I had no symptoms, I had this irrational fear that they would find something horrible. They did find an abnormality, and I thought I would throw up right then and there. Luckily a repeat mammogram showed that it was nothing, just a characteristic of my breast tissue. But I learned my lesson. You're so right. Don't ignore boob stuff!!

  3. Hey Nanetticles

    Been reading your things and thinking so much about you and your family. You are a very strong human with so much joy and creativity and I believe you will heal impeccably. My momma Claudia just had her 10 year BC-free anniversary after her lumpectomy in 2000, and I am very boob-stuff-conscious. I know that you will inspire people all around you to feel on their boobies. Please give my love to Claudia and Gabe and then some for you!


    p.s. the word "bothery" is very very great.

  4. Geez Nanette, I had no idea. I haven't been on FB much or seen you around town, sorry to hear about this. The kids must be freaking too since Jen is dealing with this also. I wish you the best in your battle and recovery. I'll let you in on a secret you may already know: attitiude. Positive begets positive. XO