Tuesday, June 8, 2010

listomania - blessings & thanks

I love lists, so i'll just go ahead and say now that i'm gonna make lots of posts that are lists - todays is about the things and people that have blown me away

What i'm thankful for:

1. whatever it is in me that is making me not feel completely devastated and really generally happy and lucky, maybe even more so than usual. I feel pretty damn rich right now.

2. modern medical advances

3. my 5 core loves that are taking care of my heart & body & mind.

4. Daily Juice

5. Other amazing people that have either said words or done actions that mean the world to me and literlly blow me a way with their unbelievable acts.

6. Wonders & Worries http://www.wondersandworries.org

7. vegan chicken salad from wholefoods

8. My ex husband & his wife - taking this in stride and with strength despite the fact that they literally JUST traveled the same road.

9. all my new clothes, my clean house, my glittery quilt

10. and hugely, my friends who have gone or are going throught= this, and the friends i'm gonna make as i go. It's a club one may not wish they had to join, but it just may be one of the most rewarding, love filled, inpsirational & comforting.

there are a million more, the list could be endless


  1. same!

    today, I love my bed and that L left me a lot of vegan and gluten free cereal and coconut milk as cooking is over my drugged head right now

    my sister who suggested and followed through with having Laurel stay with her in DC and have 5 days with her twin 11 year old cousins!

    The MRI being bigger, quieter and showing ALMOST FAMOUS with earphones that almost blocked out the scary clanking noises.

    xanax that worked

    a taxi service sent by the MRI lab!

    friends who offered to come over today and then understood when I changed my mind and wanted to be alone and sleep

    my big bathtub and all the yummy stuff I have collected to make it nice every time and the goal to be able to take one in a while when less groggy

    being old enough to take medical stuff in stride, I no longer feel invincible but grateful for all the things I have been able to try and accomplish all the years leading up to now.

    being aware enough to know the difference between Cancer and a bad back and knowing this will not stop me for very long and looking forward to being strong for you again.

    Grateful I have a friend who sees the beauty in gratitude and lists and how it is contagious in a good way

  2. Lots of hugs, my dear! Lots and lots!

  3. Yea for modern medicine - much underappreciated in some circles.

  4. Nanette, that's beautiful. I'm not going to try to post my own list here, because this blog is about YOU! But I do want to say I'm grateful for you and your crazy, wonderful, entertaining, smart kids -- we have the best little neighborhood commune, and I love that our kids are growing up together!! I think they'll always be close. And you will always glitter!

  5. You're an inspiration to us all, and I could not love you more.